Nigerian Blogger reviewing Gone With the Wind

Taking Stock || A Mini Book Review of Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

So here’s our third Taking Stock post accompanied by a mini book review of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind as promised. Catch up on the first and second versions here and here. Hey guys! How ya’ll doing? Great? Perfect! Happy to let you know that I now have an.

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Hey guys,

Mixing Check Print with Ankara

Long time, no hear! Life’s good? Good. Thank you for sticking around through my inconsistency. I want to promise that I will do better to churn out posts every week and I want to believe that as much as you probably do but life is being life and I’ll just say that someday, I will get there. I’m easing back in with a post on Mixing Prints.

No, don’t roll your eyes, it’s not Ankara prints this time (well, just one) but contemporary prints as promised in my last Print Lecture here. The penultimate one here, had all the details you will ever need to get your print affair going.

All caught up? Good. Welcome back. Do you like the new look of the blog BTW? Let me know in the comment section. Will you? Thanks!

I’m incredibly fascinated with mixing prints as your surely already know. It’s for the same reason I’d rather wear two pieces than wear dresses – The later is boringggg. With prints as with two pieces, I can mix and match, achieving very different looks each time and basically, just getting value for money.


As usual, there are five rules that pretty much sum up all that you need to know to get thing mixing business right and they are:

  • Attention to scale
  • Breaking up the pieces with solids
  • Using colors from the same pallet and
  • Keeping it simple

In today’s post I have three contemporary outfits that incorporate either all the above or at least two of them.

Look 1!Nigerian Fashion Blogger mixing ankara and check prints

Here I have on an ruffled hem Ankara midi skirt paired with a checkered wrap around top. Yes, it’s the same fabric and pattern we wore back in Secondary School as day wears. Funny right? How we’re willingly wearing them now.
Common to both pieces is the color red and the fact that they are both checkered. It’s important to have a unifying factor with this trend.

Nigerian based Fashion Blogger Mixing Prints and Patterns

The skirt was incredibly tight so I couldn’t do much more than stand – which I know is basically what I do for the most part anyway. You know those outfits that have to be so snug they could smother you else they won’t just work? That’s the story of this skirt right here but we will tell it another day.

Look 2!Mixing stripes on stripes in a monochrome outfit

My least favorite look is a striped two piece which I created after seeing both fabrics hanging right beside each other. It’s not everyday that you see inverted colors of the same fabric so it had to go in the bag. Only problem with it is that I wore the wrong pair of shoes so the trousers are a shorter length that they typically should be.Styling black and white outfitThis is always a safe method for mixing prints. You can’t go wrong with inverting monochromes except they are doing you from the village. In which case, I can’t help you.

Look 3!How to wear Stripes on Polka Dot

I love how vibrant this is. I didn’t realize how much I was missing by imposing a self ban on wearing pink. I have since seen the light. My pink polka dot skirt is paired with a blue stripped off-shoulder blouse. I’ve owned this blouse for about two years now and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite styling option for it!

Urban stying with stripes and polka dots

Remember to keep your mixing to two or three patterns and colors at most. This is the one time I wholly agree with less being more. With this post, I have checked off pairing stripes with polka dots and stripes on stripes.

Other fool-proof templates you can try out are;
  • Polka dots and floral prints
  • Stripes and floral prints
  • Stripes and animal prints
  • Vertical stripes and horizontal stripes

How to wear polka dots and stripes

So there guys, three more ideas for mixing prints. Did you enjoy this? -Please share via the buttons below. What look is your favorite? What other ways have you styled prints? Tell us in the comment section!

Until Next Time,

It’s Tee


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